helpful info for parents- FAQs

Where is the program held?

  • Our program is being held at SPAN Community house 64 Clyde St Thornbury

Can I drop my child off early?

  • No, we will be asking that parents/guardians wait until we open the door at exactly 9am and will have to sign in their child before leaving. There is free play with Lego and other activities to help the kids get to know eachother before the classes begin at 9.30am. We are aware that parents have work obligations, however we need this time to set up so the day runs smoothly.

What do I do if I am running late for pick up?

  • If you wish to deliver a message to your child or speak to the program coordinator (Kerry) during the hours of the program, you may call Kerry on 0418 330 324. If the call is not answered, please leave a text message and re-call if I don’t get back to you.

Do they need to bring lunch?

  • All children are expected to bring a packed lunch, a water bottle and morning tea, no nuts please. We provide some additional morning/afternoon tea, usually fruit, biscuits or cinnamon doughnuts. Please let us know if this is not acceptable.

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

  • Please ensure that you enrol your child at the earliest opportunity, as places are limited to 12. Enrolment is confirmed once we receive payment.


  • If there are insufficient numbers booked to attend a workshop two weeks before it is due to be run, it will be cancelled. Most of our workshops sell out though. Last minute unavailability of staff may also cause a cancellation (This has never happened so far). If you pay for a session that is subsequently cancelled, you will be fully refunded for that session. Please give 48 hours’ notice if you must cancel to avoid being charged.

What to pack

  • Hat, lunch, water bottle. We discourage bringing phones/ipads as it is important the kids have screen free time during breaks. We provide all equipment, so if your child has a robot, we suggest they leave it at home as there can be jealousy issues as well as parts getting mixed. If they would like to share what they have made at home photos are good! Wearing hats during outside activities is compulsory, so please bring a hat except in winter.

Can a younger brother/ sister attend with an older sibling if they are under the stated age range?

  • No.  The activities are carefully designed to be challenging for children in the stated age range.  Experience has shown that younger child may feel frustrated, daunted by the tasks or intimidated by the older children. 

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