Coaching for digital extension programs


...your school competing in international competition with students designing and building robots to excel at set challenges.  Local winners can go to Sydney and then the USA to compete.  All you need is a good coach…

Kerry Mahoney is an experienced coach in both First Lego League and Robocup.  She empowers students to design, build, code and test their own robots in teams.  Always promoting values of teamwork, persistence, innovation and resourcefulness, Kerry supports student-led teams through explicit instruction, mentoring, inspiration and problem solving.

Kerry brings a wealth of pre-existing resources into play, along with an adaptive approach that is always looking to find and capitalise on each group’s specific strengths and interests.


And most importantly, students have fun!

Coaching is usually once per week in school hours or an after-school session using school facilities.  Additional sessions are scheduled as competition deadlines approach.  Specific approaches and rates will be negotiated with the school.

“My son hates extra-curricular activities – except for this one, where he just can’t get enough”

“It’s an amazing thing you’ve done for the school”

"Awesomely awesome!"

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